Remember that Monkey? Yeah, Well He Stole my Car.

This is how it happened:

The sounds of spitting gravel and dust

The cramp in the right foot clutching down against the brake

The quickening pulse of the driver

The shot of laughter in the passenger’s face?

…..the horror at the stupid mistake

A 2006 Honda Coupe in a ditch near Miss. St.

I felt like a poem might best describe the start to a rather non-stellar past week. I realized upon starting this blog that this would be a terrific way to artistically re-create some of the more tragic events in my life. (Next week look forward to “The Day Urine Ran Down My Leg: A Tale of Mystery and Suspense”) As it turns out, this week I ran into a ditch or, more specifically, drove down into one. Was I drunk? No. Was I questioning my intelligence? Yes. Now with a bill of circa 800$ on my plate, it becomes evident that I should look forward to Winter Break as more of a “Working Vacation”. But i’m not complaining. Okay, I am. But I am also grateful to have a job working for the family of a friend which btw is “SO CHOICE”. But at the same time that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t looking forward to the Christmas Holidays as a merry time full of hi-jinks and good cheer! Nevertheless, it’s time to be an adult. A big boy.

Afterall, I <3 Forklifts. Let’s just hope I don’t send one down a hollowed out portion of road.


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