Does It Smell Like the East River? An Ode to ‘Ocean’

There are some things in this life that just….do not change. To name a few –

FACT: Seinfeld reruns never get old.

FACT: Every white male will, at one time or another, like rap music.

FACT: Anyone who claims to have Attention Deficit Disorder is “L.A.Z.Y”

FACT: No one actually likes working out…if they could be a sloth they would.

My desire to move to the Alaskan Wilderness is one of these facts. I want nothing more than to drop out of college, adopt a dog (a cool one, obviously), pack up my guitar and effects, and just work to live. That would be the stuff. It’s quite ironic that i’m writing about this on an online blog….but I figure while i’m in the middle of this media-centered social culture, i might as well take advantage of it.

One plus to all of this social network culture is the opportunity to watch the below video no less than 5 times a day. Over the past year, John Butler’s “Ocean” has been the inspiration for my acoustic guitar playing style. If I ever did move to that Alaskan village you can rest assured that I would play this everyday.

This is by far the best version, in my honest opinion. Enjoy the short post.


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