Dance Hipster, Give Thanks for Your Synthesizers!

I’ve been on such a chillwave, electropop, indie electro kick as of late, I felt a post on one song by one band would just not do my latest fit justice. As I was wandering through the world of YouTube, I came across a user by the name of ‘tammyszu’ dealing out these videos…and it hit me in my soul. I do believe this is setting out to be my most funk-tastic review yet. Prepare your ears for pleasure from Neon Indian, Slow Magic, M83, and a pick from “Drive” soundtrack by Kavinsky.

What you see below you is a smattering of everything from oscillating beats floating in the atmosphere to punk synths ringing in a filthy noise rag.

Neon Indian – Polish Girl

Slow Magic – Corvette Cassette

M83 – We Own the Sky

Kavinsky – Nightcall ft. Lovefoxxx

Neon Indian:

Slow Magic:





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