Seasonal Spirit, Feel It in the Air (Chill Continuation)

Happy Holidays! Because it is officially that time of the calendar year. Good cheer.

New York Winter

I am thankful for family, for breath, for happiness, and let’s not forget overly sappy expressions of good feelings. This is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. As a result, I have decided to make another post on the feel-good electronic music that keeps me in a positive aura, the music that relates me to my inner 60’s self. As the seasons change and begin to chill the air, it’s nice to have a taste of summer to break the monotony.

The video at the top is by an incredible band, of which I stumbled upon on the Information Highway, by the name of Sunvisor. I’ve listened to the song countless times in the past 24 hours and am glad to spread the word about them through this medium. The song is like ethereal bliss mixed with a shot of Good Tidings.

And of course an extension of my Chill-wave previous post would be remiss without the inclusion of Washed Out. As an “oops, my bad” there is a video below for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you all, and enjoy the beginning to your Holiday Season!

One Response to “Seasonal Spirit, Feel It in the Air (Chill Continuation)”
  1. sstatus says:

    Dig that song man, really mellowed out.

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