It’s an Eau Claire Music Day, Music Fans!

For Your Viewing Pleasure:

What a day it has been for Bon Iver fans. Justin Vernon and Co. have released the deluxe edition of their ‘Bon Iver, Bon Iver’ LP. Needless to say…it’s amazing. The 10 short films, filmed in part by Isaac Gale, David Jensen, and Vernon himself, speak volumes for each of the individual tracks and are different from the previous music videos released for ‘Holocene’ and ‘Calgary’. In the spirit of the coming Christmas season, I’ve made it especially easy to watch these videos. Below you will see all 10 short films from the album, via YouTube.

Do yourself a favor and watch them in High Definition. The films for ‘Michicant’ and ‘Lisbon, OH’ are especially good. You’re welcome, music lovers!

8 Responses to “It’s an Eau Claire Music Day, Music Fans!”
  1. dodgethis101 says:

    Hey! Your blog seems pretty cool, I’ll be checking out your music from time to time to expand my library. Just curious as to how you happened upon my blog, and if you actually like it.

    • audiofanaticsociety says:

      Cool man! Thanks! I was seeing blogs that had posted about The Black Keys new album i believe, or it could have been i was reading the music topic on ‘read blogs’.

  2. Sarah's Wonderland says:

    These are amazing. I love this album, it has to be the best of the year, Bon Iver just get better and better!

  3. music matches made in heaven.

  4. my2fish says:

    I also really like this video of “Holocene” that was shot in Iceland. The variety of scenery there is just amazing.

  5. Eau Claire Music Day? Then don’t forget to check out S. Carey and Kalispell while you’re at it.

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