The Near and the Dear, The Old and the Young: Christmas

It’s that time of year again…

No longer does it feel like fall, (but to be fair, in Memphis, you never actually know). The holiday season, long since kicked off, is in full swing as mentally handicapped drivers everywhere seem to rush the stores at the same hours. It’s time to bust out the dusty decorations, drastically boost our intake of hot, caffeinated beverages, and gauge our gift-giving/budgeting skills.

However, I love this time of year. It’s a beautiful thing. That being said, it is Finals week here at the University of Memphis, and nearly every student is trying to keep his or her head above water, at least long enough to make it to the break between semesters and with a decent GPA intact. But i digress….

Music around this time of year is obviously going to be chock full of the usual fare. There are whole radio stations devoted to playing “Little Drummer Boy” to an extent when even Dave Grohl himself would give up the act. But there is still “christmas-themed” music that doesn’t get old, but in fact is wonderful to listen to year-round. One such artist would be Sufjan Stevens.

If you are ‘indie’ or ‘hipster’ or ‘what are you listening to, shut that off so I can sleep’, you undoubtedly know both Stevens and his Christmas album, which contains 42 songs on 5 CD’s. This box set alone could keep a few christmas parties running solid this year, so I highly suggest you pick it up and use it as such. Another band that has recently released a Christmas album, whom I highly recommend, is She & Him. The acoustic-pop duo of Zooey Deschanel (the love of my life) and M. Ward (not the love of my life, but a pretty good artist nonetheless) really brought it with A Very She & Him Christmas.

I would highly suggest opening Spotify and letting both albums stream while sipping coffee, and…typing a blogpost for instance.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!



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