You Cagey Little Prairie Dog! / Study Guide

I’m back, gang!!

I apologize for the extended time away as I began (and am currently amidst) Finals week here in Memphis. As a result, tonight’s post will be a smattering of different tastes, styles, fancies, etc. as I take a look at….


Yes, I gave it a title. The subject alone is intense as the music you listen to while studying can either keep people from distracting you, focus you, or (and most likely) keep the procrastination station going for as long as humanly possible until the final moment comes before “time’s up” and you look and see blank pages, long cryptic scribblings which either portray Eva Mendes or the map to the universe which point to some otherworldly reality where papers and exams don’t exist. In other words…music is important for non-studying a.k.a the library atmosphere.

The first pick has been a long time coming. He recently came back up in the queue as a result of The Black Keys’ latest release ‘El Camino’. It seems like the snarling blues pop-rock by Dan & Patrick left me yearning for a little Gary Clark Jr. who is, in my opinion, the best up and coming Blues Rock musician. With an obvious influence of Jimi Hendrix, Clark Jr. tears through guitar riffs and licks, puts on shameless solos, and sings with a deep and wailing blues tone that makes you wonder why you haven’t heard of this guy before. My favorite videos of his music occur at the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 and can be seen down below. Listen to it in HD to enjoy each lick to the fullest extent. Also, go get his Bright Lights EP. ‘Tis Good.


In what could only be the oddest pairing of music you’ve ever seen comes my second pick, and the sole reason I was able to effectively study for Oral Communication. Andrew Bird. I have had Armchair Apocrypha on repeat for the past three days it seems, and am constantly inspired to drop my study materials and pick up my guitar instead. After hearing ‘Heretics’ (one of my favorites off of the 2007 album) I found myself playing piano for an hour…

Here is said song from Bird. I suggest listening to the rest on the album. Open Spotify, and DO IT.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and enjoy the music.



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