La Blogotheque: Live Shows For The Indie Generation

Hello again, lovers and friends.

Well, it’s over. The Fall semester is complete and the festivities have begun. The magic is in the air and what follows the magic is even more…magical. Laziness. Yes, it is one of my favorite past-times. Sloth. Making time to kick back with a nice bowl of chips and enter a delirious land of, well, delirium. Countless hours will be spent playing music (some while laying down), and equal time will be given to making up for five months’ lack of sleep.If you find yourself on the internet this holiday season, and happen to be looking for some good music-y things, then you should head over to YouTube or  to check out some creatively shot videos of live recordings from your favorite bands.

Created by Parisian filmmaker Vincent Moon, La Blogotheque has been filming “Take Away Shows” of indie musicians since 2006. The videos, shot in an artsy format, do a fantastic job in reveling in the honest and raw nature of the music. Artists like Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Sigur Rós, The National and The Shins are just a few of the bands who have done songs for the series.

So when you find yourself looking for an interesting way to enjoy “1901” by Phoenix, check out the site. I guarantee you’ll be watching videos for hours (and waiting for new ones to release).

Below is a favorite by Local Natives. As this is a video intensive site, I will repeat it once more. Watch in HD.

Thanks for reading/watching!



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