The Golden Seat Manipulation, or How I Learned To Love the Melody


Welcome back loyal readers. I’m glad you all are back once again to polish through another one of my incoherent and detached ramblings! I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and are continuing to enjoy the remainder of the holiday season. Over the past week I have been busy with family and social needs, but have managed to find time to sneak away and revel in the beauty of solidarity and music. As I was stumbling through my Spotify and iTunes playlists, I came across an old favorite. Even though I only discovered them sometime in 2010, Phantogram quickly became not only one of my favorite genre-specific artists, but one of my favorites in general. For those unfamiliar with the duo of Sarah Barthel (who, by the way, may be one of the most attractive women on the face of the earth) and Josh Carter, I can only describe their sound as the perfect drive & ride/ head-bobbing/ electronic-yet-not music. Defined as Indie Pop, their output is indeed catchy to the extreme. But back to my story…

As I was listening to their debut Eyelid Movies, I somehow stumbled on the incredible and somewhat shocking revelation that a new EP had been released entitled Nightlife EP. Rarely has such a blatantly obvious release slipped this audiophiles grasp of realization! Their work on this latest release takes what was so great about the debut, magnifies it, and then adds more flavor on every end. The work is truly phenomenal. As a result, I realized that I must share the word about these majestic tunes.

The video above by Gold Panda is indeed just a “whetting of the apetite” if you will. I highly suggest you check out some more of their work. Below I have posted three videos for the enjoyment of the interwebs. The songs are off of the new EP from Phantogram with the first named, “Turning Into Stone”, and the second being, “16 Years”. The last track, “Don’t Move”, is truly a mover and shaker and coincidentally might be the most ironic track name ever. (Watch out for the little addicting horn riff..)


If not, at least give the bass some room to breathe SOMEWHERE.

Also, if anyone can guess where the phrasing for the title originated, I will be awarding the lucky winner one re-blog…or something more valuable to them…

Thanks for reading/watching.


One Response to “The Golden Seat Manipulation, or How I Learned To Love the Melody”
  1. kellie218 says:

    I Love Phantogram! ESP Turning Into Stone – I just wrote a draft about it last night! Eyelid Movies – one of my fav albums, hands down.

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