Sweat. Stench. Sound. // The Attraction of the Music Festival

From Bonnaroo to Wakarusa,

From Lollapalooza to Beale Street,

From Coachella to Austin City,

Coachella Music Festival, CA

…there is always a place for music lovers to converge.

Of course, these are not the only music festivals in America. Not by far. Chances are, if you want to quench your thirst for live music and fellowship, there is a place relatively near to you that offers audiophiles a chance to party once a year. As a frequent-er of the Beale Street Music Festival, I can honestly say that if you have the chance to experience a music festival, do 2 things:

1) Make COMPLETELY sure that you love music, and the music playing at said festival. (If you don’t, you probably won’t be able to handle some of the people)

2) Above is the only requirement. Don’t make excuses. Save money, and GO. It will be worth your time FOR SURE.

The ignition for this post was the announcement, no less than 4 hours ago, of Coachella’s 2012 line-up, which for me, was sublime. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has been around since October 1999 (just a mere few months after Woodstock ’99). For one reason or another, Coachella is the festival I most wish to attend. Of course the line-ups will be somewhat similar across the board, especially among Bonnaroo (which is only a matter of hours driving for me in Manchester, TN) , and Lollapalooza, which is held in Chicago. As an indie fan, this year’s lineup is already making me figure up the cost of airfare and tickets.

Here below I have posted the just-released lineup for Coachella 2012 because I assume all of you readers out there are as excited as I am!!!

Courtesy of Pitchfork.com (Coachella 2012 Lineup)

With all of this talk of Music Festivals, I’ve decided to post some of my favorite “music-fest live” videos from bands I like. You can watch em below via tha YouTube. I also suggest looking up videos of the festival you’re going to attend to get a feel for the fun.

First is Bon Iver performing my favorite track “Blood Bank” at Haldern Music Festival in Germany. (see it’s global, folks)

Next we have Arcade Fire doing “Wake Up” at Bonnaroo last year. Great vid, great song. Portrays Bonnaroo as the hot, sticky mess that it truly is.

Here we have Two Door Cinema Club performing “Cradle” at Glastonbury Festival in 2011. I wish to go one day.

Next, we have a neon explosion of  Pretty Lights at Bonnaroo. Enjoy.

And lastly, but surely not least is The Black Keys with “Your Touch” at Glastonbury of course! Turn this one up, people.

In summation, there are just so many things to post on this page it’s hard to pick which ones to post. That being said, the message of this post is GO TO A MUSIC FESTIVAL NEAR YOU.

You’ll meet people.

You’ll hear music.

You’ll enjoy life.

Thanks for reading, watching, learning.




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