Sunshine Consciousness: Resist the Cold, Embrace the Summer

Another semester has begun here in Memphis, Tennessee. With the return of classes and many study hours comes a surge in the scope of my music variability. The last post on summer music festivals (along with the bitter cold conditions I’m currently in) have urged me to do a post on music to help you beat the chill. With freezing cold temperatures, depressing steel gray skies, and an overwhelming sense of drowsiness comes the self-professed need for some music to warm you ladies up!


Ah! I’m glad you asked faceless virtual enthusiast. The doctor is in to help you warm up. One example would be the video above –  ‘Wetsuit’ by The Vaccines. In fact, most of their music style exemplifies the “summertime” feeling i’m trying to impart unto you readers. Take for example this next track, a popular hit from the Brit-Rock group entitled ‘If You Wanna’

Perhaps you’re not into that sort of brit pop, surf rock sound? Well then I would suggest some synthy sound waaves like Washed Out and especially ‘Eyes Be Closed’ – A hypnotic synth-filled beach anthem perfect for ignoring the blistery weather around you.

And if you just are looking for a chilled out beachy lo-fi sound, I would definitely advocate listening to Real Estate. Their sound is a positive boost in the middle of any mundane hour. Plus the video below and it’s dog-loving craziness is enjoyable. So…enjoy.

If nothing else, I hope this post and attached videos allowed some happiness to flow your way in the middle of this cold season. There are many other bands not mentioned here, of course. Some other picks of mine would be – Surfer Blood, with an incredibly positive indie rock beach vibe and Fanfarlo, with their folksy, horn induced fun pop. (A post on them should be short on arrival)

Get to warming up with these rockin’ tunes, and fight the onset of hypothermia with the power of music.




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