The Devil’s in the Details: How To Present a Bloodburst Finish

I’m finally back, everyone.

It’s been a few weeks since my last posting, but now I’m back, and I’ve got music to share! In major news, the local Memphis student group for which this blog is named is starting back up this week. Yes, the true AudioFanaticSociety is back in session. I would strongly encourage any readers, whether in college or not, to take on this idea. Create a reform for music – a group where music lovers converge and discuss, help promote local music and venues, and collaborate on ideas and music in general. You won’t regret the effort put into it. But I will leave the soapbox for what is the subject of this post.


(Just listen to the above video while reading along.)

If you haven’t heard about these guys yet, then it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the power-brit trio hailing from Southampton, England. Composed of Russel Marsden, Emma Richardson, and Matt Hayward, Band of Skulls pride themselves in pounding percussion, fuzzed out and scorching riffs, and dynamic vocals. It was from their first album ‘Baby Darling Doll Face Honey’ that I gained interest. If you have seen a movie or television commercial within the past two years, you undoubtedly heard ‘Light of the Morning’ off of that same album. When I found out that they are coming to Nashville for a show with We Are Augustines (another terrific band worth checking out), I immediately started going through the first album again, along with purchasing a ticket. This is the type of music you yearn to listen to for a little head shaking, good vibration.

Their new album entitled ‘Sweet Sour’ is out February 21st here in the United States. And it seems that they already have been releasing quite a bit of it into the interwebs. The above video, “The Devil Takes Care of His Own” is their first single from the album. I have unusually high expectations for this record to be as amazing as I want it to be. I just hope it will allow me to throw down some in-car air guitar as per usual.

Here below I have posted the title cut off of their new one. Enjoy, folks.

Good, right?

In addition to this post, I have updated much of the other information on the blog. The Pick/Up page is now updated with two new tracks from the 2012 edition of Sub-Pop’s Free Downloads. I will be adding more to that page in the near future. The Local Music tab will be updated in the next few days to a very current and close band to the AudioFanaticSociety. But for now, check out Young Buffalo on that page! Great stuff.

In conclusion, thanks for reading/watching (in HD mind you)


2 Responses to “The Devil’s in the Details: How To Present a Bloodburst Finish”
  1. sidneycherie says:

    I discovered Band of Skulls at this past Bonnaroo and fell in love… great to know they have a new album coming out soon! :)

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