Ante Meridiem & Repose; Repeat

Hello again, people.

In the midst of a drowsy haze, I remembered you all and decided to do a post on the state I am currently in.


It’s not true. I don’t have narcolepsy….but this post is for music which induces narcolepsy. Yes that’s right. The sleepy post-rock, techno-ish synth stuff. The video above is by Lymbyc Systym, a post-rock, instrumental duo from Tempe, AZ. To be honest, I’ve never heard of these guys before tonight, but I must say they make some sublime relaxing tunes. I’m falling asleep right nwoeahowuehfoaj.dfadddddddd…sdfsaafsdg……oh. sorry. But. Yeah. They’re good. So support them if you feel the same way I do.

To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of “lullaby music”. I fall asleep to silence, which is natural right? But I have to say…if I’m going to fall asleep to a band, why not The Postal Service? The Ben Gibbard indie-pop group always manages to relax me into a state of eye fluttering, headache pounding repose. (What’s ironic is that they’re an even better band to wake up to…)

Other bands could be Band of Horses, Aphex Twin, etc. There are countless indie lullaby bands out there.

In an unrelated note, don’t forget to check out the Pick Up/ Drop Off page for lots of free music courtesy of Sub-Pop Records and Soundcloud!
Also, I’d like to remind all the readers that if you have any music suggestions, personal or otherwise, you may send them to me at! Check the Local Music tab for more info…

But now, I leave you with another great cut from a remix of Lymbyc Systym found through Pandora witchcraft.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading/watching



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