Unseasonably! Spring! …and Good Music!


 Welcome back, everyone.

What is “good mood music”? Where does it come from? How do we define it? …I don’t have the slightest clue. What I can tell you readers is that you’ll know it once you hear it. That’s the beauty of music. To dig and dig and dig, and after awhile, stumble on a band that will become your soundtrack….or at least for the time being. And while this might all sound like an “over-hipsteralized” group of phrases, it’s become my philosophy on why I love finding new music. I mean, even as I write this, I know for a fact that I have two exams to study for, as well as a paper to write. But I’m addicted. And after listening to these bands, you will be reveling in it too.

Hence, Good Mood Music.

The two songs above are from a band out of Brooklyn, NY by the name of Beach Fossils. These guys put out a beachy, american indie sound that will keep you in “good vibrations” for a lengthy span of time. Make sure to go and like ’em on Facebook, and support the heck outta these guys.

 I have to give credit to MTIB (MusicThatIsntBad.com) for their discovery of Matt Sheehy’s side project Lost Landers. I instantly fell in love with their unmistakably innovative acoustic rock. This track below from their first LP Drrt, is entitled “Afraid of Summer”, which, ironically enough, makes me anticipate  the coming season even more. Full of synth, and acoustic rhythm, the song reminds me of a Broken Bells type sound. Anyways, check these guys out at the link and support em if you dig em.


Thanks for reading/watching.


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