Oy Brotha, Ain’t Got No Soul

Hello Emo Kids!

I’ve been away on vacation for little over a week now, so excuse my absence in posting tracks. A post that i’ve been wanting to write about for awhile is on two of my favorite singer/songwriter(s) who have an excess amount of soul. The first, and most recently discovered of the two, goes by the name of Allen Stone. I don’t know if i’ve heard such a chilled-out and groovy voice as his in recent years. Stone is a soul musician from Chewelah, Washington, and manages to capture the essence of a Stevie Wonder-esque pop in his music that immediately left me addicted. I still am not sure how late I am in finding out about this guy, but I sure am glad that I did hear his rockin tunes.

Watch this next one @ 1:02 minute mark for the music.

As good as Stone is, his music immediately brings to mind one of my favorite artists of all time, Brett Dennen. If you don’t know who he is, Dennen is a folk/pop artist from California. While he remains a tad held back on the funky groove and a puts out a more folksy vibe, Dennen still manages to put together some groovy tracks. Dennen still holds a place as one of my go-to acoustic artists to this day. Helping to contribute to this corrolation between Stone and Dennen is on current repeat in my car by Dennen, titled “Queen of the Westside” (It’s particularly groovy)

And finally, one last musical treat by Dennen off of his same album.

Thanks for reading/watching, everyone!



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