If We’re Caught, The Spiritual

Hola Chicas!

Welcome back to the AudioFanaticSociety! Tonight’s post would generally be described as a continuation of the soul-filled previous post of Allen Stone and Brett Dennen. The video above comes courtesy of ultra-soul overnight sensation Alabama Shakes, apparently rockin it out at this year’s SXSW. A post featuring more of their tunes can be expected soon.

However, In keeping with a soul theme comes a feature on a hybrid rock group from San Diego, California by the name of Delta Spirit. Upon first listen, a few years back, I was immediately struck by the rawness and emotion in their foot-stomping rock and roll. If you haven’t heard of these guys since their debut LP “Ode to Sunshine”, you really should get to catching up on what these guys have been up to in recent years. The group recently released their 3rd and self-titled LP, in which they seem to shake off much of the twang of previous albums in favor of a more consistently “rock” sound. While the album does seem slightly more processed than previous works and a little less raw, their unique sound manages to come through front-and-center with a smattering of loud guitar riffs and hooks backing them up. Here is one track off of the new album entitled “Money Saves”.

If you’re new to the group, here is a slice of their previously consistent americana folk sound on a fantastic rendition of their track “Scarecrow”.

I highly suggest listening to their discography and supporting these guys in their future musical endeavors. In the meantime, and as a last and final treat, try out my personal folk favorite The Tallest Man On Earth doing a Thin Lizzy cover. Yep.

Thanks for paying attention!



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