Gil Schnovowitz: His Favorite Tracks (It’s Indie!)

Welcome back to the blog, everyone!

The video above is from Oberhofer, the frighteningly classic indie rock band out of Tacoma, Washington. If you haven’t heard of these guys, you are not alone. The group, led by frontman Brad Oberhofer, made their network TV debut on David Letterman last night, where they performed the cut above. These guys show some serious promise, already making a splash on the indie pop-rock waterway. I seriously recommend checking out more of their stuff.

In the meantime, tonight’s post will follow suit with Oberhofer in that specifically awesome sort of way. Here in Memphis, Tennessee, we have kicked off  Fareveller 2012, an eclectic yearly music festival featuring indie pop, indie rock, hip hop, and electronic genres. One of the bands performing on Saturday night (of which I shall be attending) goes by the name The Rocketboys, and yes, the name was formed from the book from which  the movie “October Sky” was based. This indie rock band out of Austin, Texas plays a sharp dosage of ambient, acoustic, and independent rock, bringing to mind the likeness of Grizzly Bear, Lydia, St. Vincent and others. The track below, lucidly titled “Sights and Sounds” is a moody piece that is truly beautiful.

Seriously, support this band!

Last but definitely not least is tonight’s final track. I know that most of you have heard of The Temper Trap, but if you haven’t been keeping up with the Austrailan quartet, they are about to release a new record. The band, led by Dougi Mandagi and his uniquely ethereal vocals, is an indie pop band that hearkens to an “popped out” amalgamation between U2 and Radiohead. Their first album gained quick fame through their most popular track “Sweet Disposition”, which became the soundtrack to many an indie summer. The group’s new record is released here in the States in June, and if the track below is any indication, it’s bound to be a keeper as well.

Thanks everyone for reading/watching!


2 Responses to “Gil Schnovowitz: His Favorite Tracks (It’s Indie!)”
  1. 3arrington says:

    Hello hello, I like your reviews and factual writing. I like to learn more about bands rather than just listen to the music so this is a good site for that. I normally ignore music reviews and listen to what ever I can get hold of but I shall keep myself updated through you. I was in Memphis for one night a few years ago where I hitched from New York to see Edward Sharpe. It took longer than I thought getting there and I had arranged a ride share out of town after the gig. I shall have to get back.

    • Thanks for the read! Memphis is truly a great city. The blog is also about trying to help the rest realize Memphis’ true music potential. We will do our best to keep you updated on new music, bro!

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