80’s Neon In The Parthenon

Hello Readers!

April 2nd: Listening to Spotify and ran across Karl X Johan for the very first time.

The video above entitled ‘Flames’ is an in-depth remix of one of my favorite soundtracks of all time combined with a bit of 80’s pop/techno/house. I, admittedly, am very late on hearing of these guys but am managing to make my way through more of their music. Formed by Kalle J and Johan Tuvesson of Sweden, the pair teamed up in 2010 and put out a dance-y EP that will definitely get you groovin’.

RJD2, or aka “RJ” Krohn, is an American musician and DJ most famously known for creating the theme to the Mad Men television series. In keeping with the groovy DJ sets, I’ve decided to throw in a track by him entitled “The Horror” off of his album Dead Ringer.

Along with this dynamic duo and DJ comes the previously blogged about Kavinsky. Popular from the Drive Soundtrack in 2011, Vincent Belorgey is the man behind the unique styling of 80’s electro-pop house music that can be visualized set to an action film with neon lights. Common to Daft Punk and others alike, Belorgey creates memorable electronic soundscapes and can best be seen in his track, “Pacific Coast Highway”. I recommend very strongly that you turn this up as loud as you can when driving….i’m not responsible for increase in speed.

 I hope you enjoy!

 Also, don’t forget to keep sending tracks to audiofanaticsociety@gmail.com. I look forward to posting your music!

Thanks for reading/watching!



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