Great Swimming, Good Run!

Hello people!


In an opportunity to return to an indie-rock/indie-folk playlist, I stumbled across We Are Augustines. The video above is a cut off of their debut album Rise Ye Sunken Ships, and it’s a jam of jams for sure. The trio, composed of guitarist Billy McCarthy, bassist Eric Sanderson and drummer Rob Allen, is an indie rock outfit out of good ol’ Brooklyn, New York. I instantly loved their foot-stomping rock and roll, and consequently, attempted to make it to a show in Nashville to watch them support Band of Skulls (which is an excellent pairing). Here is another track entitled “Book of James”.

I strongly recommend checking these guys out! Support their tunes!

Now we slow it down to a more acoustic pace with a band you have most likely heard of by now – an indie folk group out of Seattle, Washington by the name of The Head and The Heart. Their acoustic pop, sing-song quality, paired with their “easy listenability” makes them a frontrunner for an indie film soundtrack in the future. Much like bands such as The Decemberists or Fanfarlo, they sure can put out a good tune or two. The track below is off of their debut named “Down In The Valley”. Enjoy!

In keeping with debut albums, last but not least comes a band I just recently discovered due to the release of their first. Of Monsters and Men is an indie rock band out of Iceland with a sound much like another folk band in Mumford and Sons. Their new album, My Head Is An Animal, is a collage of acoustic and melodica shaped melodies offset with the duel male/female leading voices. This last track is a happy one off of the new album entitled “Little Talks”. Hope you like it.

Thanks for reading/watching.



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