A Very Thin, High and Crazy Love


If you have been keeping up with the blog, you know one of our favorite genres to write about is the ever-curious, forever-self-sufficient ‘indie-folk’. The video above comes courtesy of one of my favorite artists by the name of James Vincent McMorrow. Filmed in Amsterdam, the video contains his lightly somber cover of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” as well as “If I Had a Boat”. McMorrow, of Dublin origin maintains a strict folk aesthetic that is rich in emotion. I could only describe his music as a light amalgamation of Ray LaMontagne and Justin Vernon. If any of you are not familiar with his work, listen to his debut album on Spotify. Support him in his musical endeavors!

Along with McMorrow, comes a folk group out of North Carolina who seems to not have ditched ancient bluegrass completely. With interesting instrument arrangements and harmonies, Bowerbirds quickly popped up on my radar as a unique and “jammable” band. Their songs contain such a positivity about them, even in seemingly low-key moments. Led by Phillip Moore, Beth Tacular, and Mark Paulson, the pop-folk trio manages to capture the essence of a “natural” sounding indie band. In a good way. The video above is a live cut of their song “Teeth”. Their most recent album The Clearing, received a 7.9 on Pitchfork, so you know the hipsters are somewhat into it. Below is another song (and my personal favorite) from the new album entitled “In The Yard”. Enjoy.


 Out tomorrow (April 10th, 2012), is M. Ward’s latest and personally anticipated album – A Wasteland Companion. I always assume that some of you may not know various artists of which I blog, and as a result will share more about Matthew Ward with you. Rising to acknowledgement through Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst, Ward made a name for himself over time as a collaborator. At the moment, many of you may subconsciously know him from She & Him, the infamous duo of Ward and Zooey Deschanel/The Love of My Life. M. Ward comes across to me as story book of indie folk- pop/ singer-songwriter tunes. Honest, Very Real, Emotional. The track below is off of the upcoming album. Enjoy “The First Time I Ran Away”.

Thanks for reading/watching, everyone!



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