The Surprise of Impending Infamy

Hello Readers/Viewers!

You may have never heard The Black Keys quite like this. If you have never happened to pick up Dan Auerbach’s solo album , non-intentionally punned Keep It Hid,  then you should strongly consider getting to a media source and checking it out. Auerbach, for you non-music fans out there, is one half of The Black Keys alongside Patrick Carney, who keeps the tempo for the rockin’ duo. While most of Dan’s music has been focused on the band, he managed to release this little gem in 2009 alongside with Blakroc, his rap & blues/rock fusion album (post coming soon). The track above entitled “When The Night Comes” is a restrained, somber track that utilizes Auerbach’s growly vocals in a much different way. Just some more music for the Black Keys fanclub!

A band that is no surprise feature to the indie rock scene is The Kills, a garage rock duo led by Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince. The group, who have been around since the milennium year have been putting out “hipsterically” acclaimed albums consistently over the course of their career. The video above is an acoustic cut of “Baby Says”, a personal favorite off of their latest album. The fourth album Blood Pressures was released around a year ago, but since this blog was not in existence a year ago, I’ve decided to cover it now. For everyone wanting a fresh slice of fuzzed out guitar and post-punk revived licks, check out the duo’s discography.

In what could be an semi-obvious lead up comes the last feature on the post in the form of Jack White’s solo album Blunderbuss. The album, to be dropped on April 24th, marks his first solo. You know him from The White Stripes, The Raconteurs or even The Dead Weather, but White has been around a long time playing his signature fuzzed out guitar riffs. I am unbelievably stoked for this album and, after hearing the first two previews, am pretty confident that it will be conducive to the near-guaranteed air guitar I will be thrashing upon. The track below is “Sixteen Saltines”, and the video features crazy cults, psychotic kids, face tattoos, and a crazy awesome shot of a fat kid pushing a cart down a hole. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading/watching!



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