Delayed Effex & Nu Chillwave

First off, there needs to be an apology for the delay in getting new music up! Finding time to find new music can be far and few between during finals week at the University of Memphis. Moving on. In coming back after an extended period, I felt that an extra punch of ‘hipster’ was needed. And so.

The video above features a cut off of Lotus Plaza’s newest album Spooky Action at a Distance. Formed by Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt, Lotus Plaza maintains a buzzy rock style that will leave your head in a smog of effervescent guitar riffs and hooks. “Strangers” is a slow burner with the aforementioned riff style that is fit perfectly alongside the tour of NYC in the 80’s courtesy of YouTube user ‘daviddeanburkhart’. *S/O!* I would strongly recommend checking out Lotus Plaza and keep them supported if you feel so inclined.

Toro Y Moi is Chazwick Bundick, a multi-instrumental, chillwave artist from South Carolina. Moi tends to stay in the freak form, which provides interesting sounds and textures to accompany the indie feel of his music. The easy beat and emotion of his music makes each cut unique, growing through with every listen. Check out his tunes, and support his process!


Last but not least, we have Active Childarguably my favorite artist at the moment. The song above is from his 2011 release You Are All I See. Formed and constructed by electronic artist Pat Grossi, Active Child is a synth-laden, indie pop outfit that hearkens to a Radiohead-esque quality while leaving room for a more textured and electronic sound. Grossi’s vocals are fluidly elevated and remain similar to of ‘out-of-nowhere’ hit Gotye, containing a solid punch of emotion and vibrato.

I sincerely hope you give these artists a listen, and also stay tuned for more picks which will resume to a bi-weekly status!

Thanks for reading/watching,


2 Responses to “Delayed Effex & Nu Chillwave”
  1. Kat Hawkins says:

    YES to Lotus Plaza, and of course the delightful Toro Y Moi. Something from Neon Indian would not have gone amiss!

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