Chalk Dinosaur

Behold! The inaugural post in the Album Pick of the Week (c/o

 “This album has been in development since May, 2011, when I decided I wanted to make an album of spacey and atmospheric songs. The songs on this album are longer format songs, which allowed me to deeply explore, develop, and refine the separate worlds of each song.

All of the songs individually grow and evolve, making them self-sustaining, yet unified entities in themselves.
Every sound and part contained in this album was carefully chosen and painstakingly placed. These are my most meticulously crafted songs.”


released 11 November 2011
Album Cover: Mike O’Hallaron
Chalk Dinosaur is from Pittsburgh, PA. The musical style varies considerably from album to album, sometimes song to song. It makes it hard to categorize, but in broad terms, it could be called eclectic rock.

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