Lo-Fi Datsuns in High Definition

Immersed in a world of psychedelic garage rock, I decided to feature a few of lesser known artists who pack a gritty punch when it comes to solid riffs and rockin’ tunes. The video above is from Ty Segall & White Fence, off of their new garage collab album entitled Hair. The album, which features Segall and White Fence’s Tim Presley, is a haze of fuzz and sprawling rhythms, filling up the sound void with a odd tempos and strange tones. Those unfamiliar with the album can rest assured that the solo stuff from each, respectively, is similar to the unfamiliarity that’s featured in this album. For those who would like a bit of a backstory, check out Ty Segall and his fluttering garage psych tracks. Featured below is a cut from White Fences, titled “Baxter Corner”, and if you dig some of this mind-expanding rock and roll, check out more of the magic.

In continuation of this Garage-esque theme comes one of my favorite artists by the name of Mikal Cronin. Hailing from California, Segall jams to a sort of surf-garage-psych milkshake and manages to rock a variety of acoustic riffs and distorted effects. I recently have come in possession of his newest album on vinyl, and it is truly vinyl-tastic. The video below is off of his new LP entitled “Get Along”. If you dig his stuff, he’s giving away two free tracks on his bandcamp site @ http://mikalcronin.bandcamp.com.

 Lastly, we have my current favorite artist & track, which I was convinced had been written about prior to this moment. All the way from San Diego comes surf-garage pop band Wavves. Producing a terrific blend of jam-y guitars, garage vocal stylings and surfy riffs, Wavves connects from artists like Cronin or Segall to a more popped out sound that will easily get your blood pumping. The song below is off of their EP entitled Life Sux called “Bug”, which is fitting due to it’s infectious hook. I strongly recommend checking these guys out and supporting their anarchy.

 Thanks for reading/watching,



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