Bad Luck Walking & Playing Ghosts

Welcome back to the Audio Fanatic Society!

As I was musing over the topic for the next trio of artist features, I decided to model my taste around the release of Passion Pit’s newest single ‘Take a Walk’, (which will be featured at the end). It seemed fitting, considering the music that I have currently on rotation. A mix of just enough pop rock, laden with just the right synth harmonies makes me weak in the knees. The artist above, of whom I found courtesy of, is LA-centric Dance-Pop band by the name of Capital Cities. The track above is entitled “Kangaroo Court” and, while I may have said this numerous times about a variety of other tuneage, I can honestly say that is one of the most instantly gratifying pop tracks that I’ve ever heard. Their bandcamp account, which you can find – here – has an EP with other goodies on it. I strongly suggest you turn your dancing attention to this talented duo’s future endeavors.

As if there was room for more praise in my system, I have to recognize Mansions On The Moon. If you have been reading the segment, you know  my affinity for effervescent, indie fuzz-synth-pop ala Washed Out, etc. While MOTM is not exactly a “Passion Pit” style or even a “Washed Out” style, it fits somewhere nicely into my head compartment of which I store warm and fuzzy things. The group manage to form infectious rhythms into a rhythmless array of noise and beautiful sound.  The track above if from their new EP, which I believe can be obtained for free (legally) at their website for a simple FB like, is simply called “Athens” and is a personal favorite of mine. The track, in synonymous nature with the entirety of this post, seems to carry a warm and happy feel, while practically begging for listener participation. I hope you guys like these guys as much as I do.

And at last we have the somewhat delayed posting of “Take A Walk” from Passion Pit, the indie-electro-pop outfit out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The track, which leaves behind Michael Angelakos’ vibrato falsetto in favor of a more leveled out vocal style, is a foot stomping chorus-er with loads of infectious beats and melodies. I have to say the lyrics in this song are terrifically crafted and if the song is any hint of what is to come, then fans can rest easy on the outcome of their sophomore release. The new album entitled “Gossamer” will be released on July 24th, and as a long-time fan, I am in an abundance of excitement for the rest of the music. If you haven’t heard about Passion Pit, check out their first full length and first EP which will help to tide you over in waiting for the new album. The single is available on iTunes and the like. Enjoy.

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