Delayed Titles to 5:33

Hello children. Today is an especially delicious serving of music that will sooth your ears. I based the post off of two of my most recently on-repeat artist favorites – Damien Jurado & Father John Misty. The folk-rock sound, of which I am a honest fan, has once again entrapped me in it’s coating snare. The video above comes courtesy of Damien Jurado off of his latest release entitled Maraqopa. A solid and bluesy tune it is, wrapped in an electronic snarl to perfectly match Jurado’s uniquely smooth vocal style. I absolutely love the video, for no other reason than it looks kinda cool. I don’t over-think it. If you don’t know much about Damien Jurado, I strongly recommend checking out his past albums. So much so, in fact, that I have included another song off of his previous album with a song by the name of “Sheets” – a personal favorite of mine.

While not quite as somber as Jurado, another artist catching me with an acoustic jam would be Laura Gibson. I just recently discovered her music, but I mean, she’s awesome. A native of Portland, Oregon, Gibson highlights the same acoustic features as Jurado, while also putting out a Feist feel to the almost “rock” weight some of her music carries. Her latest release, La Grande, is a thoughtful meditation, maintaining a very even feel throughout the whole record. The song above is the title track of the album, and is currently on a strong repeat pattern in my music library. Hope you like it as much as I do.

If you’ve stuck with it through Jurado & Gibson, then you’ve made it to Father John Misty. While you may not have heard of this solo project, you most likely know him as J. Tillman, former drummer to Seattle-based Fleet Foxes. What is interesting about the dynamic of the post is that Damien Jurado actually discovered Tillman, allowing him to join on a tour, and essentially pulling him into more of a spotlight. Under his new moniker, Tillman produces a freak-folk sound that is strangely beautiful and strongly unique. This last song is actually not a song at all, but is in fact a stream of his new album entitled Fear Fun, which is available now. So listen to the whole thing, and support him. If you like the music. Or don’t. Whatever. He’s good. Trust me.


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