Lovely Aesthetics, Rip Chords, Timely Exits

Greetings, readers.

For today’s 3 artist feature, I decided to base the theme of alternative indie rock around a particular band that, for some odd reason, I have previously left ‘unblogged’. Liars, an interesting alt rock band formed in the early 2000s was a favorite band of mine in the good ol’ High School years, becoming the soundtrack to many an emotional hour, not unlike the song above. As one of their most popular tracks, it’s been featured on films and television, but also The band releases their 6th album, entitled WIXIW, on June 4th, 2012. The album is already getting reviews from NPR calling it “the best Radiohead album since ‘Kid A’…” So yeah. You might wanna check it out over at Gorilla vs. Bear. Good stuff. –>

In addition to a more alternative theme, I decided to feature a funky and very recent addition to the indie scene in the form of Vampire Weekend’s most recent off-shoot. Chris Baio, the grooved drummer from the band, has released Sunburn EP, and from the sounds of “Sunburn Modern”, it should be quite a pants off dance off. With a distinctive reminder of VW, it adds its own version of fuzzed out, electronic dance-pop along with Chris’ layered and instrumental vocals. I hope more of this jungle beat is to come in the future, but in the meantime, you can check out the rest of the EP here below….

The last spot of the segment goes to a band of which I have just come to know. Exitmusic is one of those bands that immediately grab you, shake you, then set you back down feeling all hot and bothered. With intensely gorgeous structure and noise, and almost coming across as a female-led Radiohead tribute, the indie-pop/rock band catches its listener with a vocal hook or two, strong riff patterns and lovely ethereal beats, pads and synths. Not unlike recent discovery Poliça, (post coming later this week) this band seems to deconstruct and then rebuild on pop with powerful chorus-esque segments and awesome intros and exits (no pun intended). In a sound that pulls from a unique Brooklyn asthetic, the duo of Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church definitely pull off a strong debut with Passage. Go to their bandcamp to check out more of their music and, while you are doing so, check out another track from the debut below.


Thanks for reading and watching this blog.



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