A Hard Jams Review: mewithoutyou

When I say that I like my music to jam hard, I am usually thinking of mewithoutYou while I say it. If you have never heard of this band before or have simply not heard very much of them, feel free to jam right here.

This song was taken from their 2004 album Catch For Us The Foxes, which also happens to be one of my favorite albums of all time. With always-incredible lyrics and their half rock, half folk, and a good bit of jam-band mentality thrown in, these guys are always interesting to listen to.

Their latest album came out May 15, 2012, under the title Ten Stories. It is a refreshing blend of old and new for the band, as it effortlessly blends all of their folk charm and their hard hitting rock together, this time striking a balance that approaches being much easier to listen to for a new listener. Now, let’s get down to business. February 1878 is vintage mewithoutYou, a heavy-hitting rocker in which vocalist Aaron Weiss shouts his way through the story of a carnival train wreck, right before shifting gears into a slow-jam session which opens up the next song quite well. Here is the track “February 1878” below:

As the album progresses he tells the story of each animal from the carnival train wreck and the adventures that they go on (or don’t go on) from there. The next song is my personal favorite from the album, another old school mwY song although this time with a flow like never before. Amazing lyrics fly by as the seething rhythm of the band backs up Weiss as he lays down the groundwork for the intricate story he’s created. Here is “Fox’s Dream of the Log Flume”.

The last song I’m going to highlight is a slower one, but a great song full of strings, horns, and all kinds of good stuff. The song weaves a tale of the fox and the bear from the train wreck looking back on their adventures. They lyrics are great as always, and the song backs them up perfectly. Hearing Weiss whisper and sing over sorrowful horns and the stead, calculated beat makes for a great listen. Here is “Bear’s Vision of St. Agnes”.

The albums closes with the song “All Circles” which repeats the line, “All circles presuppose they’ll end where they begin but only in their leaving can they ever come back around, all circles presuppose”. How often do you actually hear lyrics that really make you think? Lyrics that make you keep coming back over and over just because the idea they present is so easy to understand, yet so difficult to really grasp all the way are exactly what mewithoutYou loves to throw at you. The album isn’t perfect, but it is really a great collection of music that will keep me (and hopefully you) coming back for years, just like every single one of their albums before this one. If you still haven’t heard this, go listen to the whole thing right now, and as always, keep on jammin’.


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