The Album Pick: Neverjoy by Ed Tullett

 Ed Tullett, the 18 year old singer/songwriter out of the UK, is an artist that I’ve been intending to do a post on for awhile now. With my admitted fan-ship(?) of Bon Iver came a immediate distaste for Ed and his music upon the initial contact. It seemed immediately reworked Bon Iver music, but with each additional listen, I began to ease up on the whole “copy” notion and the album began to grow on me. Now, I can realize the album for it’s genuinely created nature. While there are still glances and nods to folk/indie such as Bon Iver, there are also draws from other folk artists as well that lend a more natural approach to an acoustic, independent album. I don’t have a lot of information on Tullett, but know that his talent in Neverjoy can’t be taken away.

Some standout tracks would be:

– Ribboned Blood

– Thaw

Enjoy his album for free, but support him if you feel compelled! Check him out at his site and on Twitter as well!


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