Cold, Shining Gold & Christmas Skies

What is it that makes us want to dance? No, I’m not asking in psychological or ultra-scientific terms, I’m being general and using it as a way to introduce a post on some indie jams that just make me want to boogie my heart out.  Songs that are too colorful to exist on the normal music palette exist here, somewhere between heaven and purgatory in a sort of mind-numbing, iris-expanding state of consciousness. For that reason, I thought that I would feature three of my current favorites.

First up is Teen Daze – a solo electronic artist from British Columbia. His debut LP was released on June 5th, and on the album, a track by the title – “The Future” – can be found. For whatever reason, this song always gets me grooving. Prior to this release, Teen Daze had completed numerous remixes, EP’s and singles, etc, but in a settling up motion, he has created a solid indie-electronic record with a general mood of peace. Set in the non-apocalyptic future, the horizon is bright with Teen Daze’s synthesized memories leading the way.

In including a “dance-ish” post into my long list of …. lists, it was important to cover a band that will often find my synapses lapsing. The Chromatics, an indie-electronic/pop band from Portland, Oregon, who may be most easily recognized from “Tick of the Clock”, featured in the movie Drive. The band, formed in 2002, have a signature “depth of darkness” to their hip pop sound that give it a moody feel and dark after-taste. Perfect for grooving or late night drives, you can’t go wrong with a pick from The Chromatics, such as the above recently released video for their track “These Streets Will Never Look The Same”.

Lastly, but surely not least, is a new addition to my playlist by the name of Miami Horror.  As I’ve stated before, I may be late to the game, but I feel that these guys, as it stands, get far too little attention. Formed in Australia, these guys have since toured with the likes of Phoenix and Friendly Fires. Even if you are not a fan of hyper-popped 70s disco with an indie vibe (and how could you not be), these guys are a sure-fire way to get your blood moving and your feet a-dancin’. “Holidays” is the first track that I came across and  is still my favorite by far. I’ve placed it above for your listening enjoyment, but I beg of you, please get up and dance when you listen to it. It makes the experience umpteenth amount of times greater.

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed these picks of indie-electronica/dance, and that you will visit me again soon.

Thanks for reading/watching,


2 Responses to “Cold, Shining Gold & Christmas Skies”
  1. Im all for Miami Horror. Nice tune. Chromatics I liked as well.

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