Deal Kindly by Shoreline Is

After the misfortune of a skipped week on an undiscovered album pick, I decided to post a Sunday Morning edition of the segment.

So here goes.

A band that I recently discovered via Bandcamp deals in my recent fascination with dreamwave, chill-pop in the fashion of Wild Nothing, Washed Out, etc. Shoreline Is, from Dortmund, Germany, produce the same kind of hand-clap-ready music as the aforementioned bands, while maintaing more of a shoe-gaze quality, and holding a uniquely alt-rock sound not unlike Bloc Party or something close to the riff-laden hooks that manage to separate these guys from the typical. Their latest release which debuted in June, entitled Deal Kindly, features some excellent work on layering sound. “I’d Hear The Clouds Move” is a perfect example of this Lotus Plaza aesthetic, bringing out the warm colors in an already colorful album, while “Living Things” is definitely a favorite track of mine, with its heavy guitar hook and quick pace. I would strongly recommend checking out the rest of their discography which, of course, you can do at the same spot. If you’re in the mood for Beach Fossils meets Bloc Party, then check these guys out. As always, listen to the album below, and if you like it help these fellows overseas in their musical future.


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