Comfort by Giraffage

This week’s album pick is a lush one. Comfort is the production of an artist by the name of Giraffage. Admittedly, these segments are from my personal favorite picks on Bandcamp, and therefore, I went looking for information on who this entity was. I was able to come across the name of Charlie Yin. The San-Fran musician creates on the pallet of dreampop | chill-electronic, managing to pull and splice textures and patterns into an array of unadulterated rhythm. The best way to create distinction among other artists in the same general arena would be his choice in keeping a majority of the cut clean. This selection over saturated complexion is a premium when listening to Comfort, with it’s lulling yet grooving pace. When I first came across the album, an instant favorite was “Holy Mountain” – a track that ignites with only the tightest of percussion and slowly expands into a layered dream. 

And the best part of this glowing review is the fact that you can still pick the album up at a price of your choosing! So go out and at least grab this album on the bancamp site while it’s available! 

You can stream the album in it’s entirety down below, and while you’re listening check out some of the info on Giraffage including a link to his past EP – ‘Pretty Things’.

“glitchy slice of bedroom dream-pop lushly constructed with layers of samples, sundry instrumentation, and tight percussion.” 
– XLR8R 

“Giraffage chooses sensory assault over the slow lull of haze and reverb and the results are refreshingly clear, dynamic, and active.” 
– I Guess I’m Floating 

“Comfort is a blissful blend of dreamy and ethereal fluttering sounds sprinkled with glitchy effects, quirky drums, and beautiful vocal samples. This is definitely some of the flyest damn music around. Listening to the album is akin to dancing on a cloud while drinking the magic fermented nectar of wood sprites.” 
– The Find Magazine


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