New Site!

Hello once again! The new site is up and functioning! Redesigned and with a name change – Gravyheart! To see past posts, this blog will remain open for no certain amount of time. For continued independent music coverage, head over to the new site!   Thanks! Spencer

Cold, Shining Gold & Christmas Skies

What is it that makes us want to dance? No, I’m not asking in psychological or ultra-scientific terms, I’m being general and using it as a way to introduce a post on some indie jams that just make me want to boogie my heart out.  Songs that are too colorful to exist on the normal … Continue reading

Lovely Aesthetics, Rip Chords, Timely Exits

Greetings, readers. For today’s 3 artist feature, I decided to base the theme of alternative indie rock around a particular band that, for some odd reason, I have previously left ‘unblogged’. Liars, an interesting alt rock band formed in the early 2000s was a favorite band of mine in the good ol’ High School years, becoming the … Continue reading

Delayed Titles to 5:33

Hello children. Today is an especially delicious serving of music that will sooth your ears. I based the post off of two of my most recently on-repeat artist favorites – Damien Jurado & Father John Misty. The folk-rock sound, of which I am a honest fan, has once again entrapped me in it’s coating snare. The video … Continue reading

Bad Luck Walking & Playing Ghosts

Welcome back to the Audio Fanatic Society! As I was musing over the topic for the next trio of artist features, I decided to model my taste around the release of Passion Pit’s newest single ‘Take a Walk’, (which will be featured at the end). It seemed fitting, considering the music that I have currently … Continue reading