New Site!

Hello once again! The new site is up and functioning! Redesigned and with a name change – Gravyheart! To see past posts, this blog will remain open for no certain amount of time. For continued independent music coverage, head over to the new site!   Thanks! Spencer

Heavenly Beat :: Faithless

It’s Friday night, and you’re feeling like partaking in some indie lounge/dance music. John Peña of Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils can oblige. His debut album is out in 4 short days, so get a sneak preview here with “Faithless” – a folky and synthy dance number. Listen to it below. Courtesy of RCRDLBL

Junk Culture :: Growing Pains

It’s old news by now that Deepak Mantena, also known as ‘Junk Culture’, will be releasing his new LP on July 31st. Wild Quiet is the new album by the indie rocker, and from the sounds of the first two singles “Growing Pains” and “Oregon”, it will be decent. Listen to the newly released single below and … Continue reading

Holy Other :: Held

The new, sad and beautiful cut from Manchester UK’s Holy Other is a slowly imploding cacophony of melancholy tremors and beats. Like an orchestra of electronic and acoustic hindsight, “Held” seems to ride the line between chill(nu)wave and pure electronica pop. The british producer will release Held on August 28th, but we’ve posted the title track below to help … Continue reading

Grassfight :: Look Homeward, Heathen

Thanks to the guys over at RCRD LBL for sharing this track from Grassfight. The post-rock/indie band from New York, led by Nathan Forster, is releasing the EP follow-up to their first EP Icon on July 24th. While this is a tad heavier than other stuff I write about, it really is quite good. Take a listen to … Continue reading