New Site!

Hello once again! The new site is up and functioning! Redesigned and with a name change – Gravyheart! To see past posts, this blog will remain open for no certain amount of time. For continued independent music coverage, head over to the new site!   Thanks! Spencer

A Hard Jams Review: mewithoutyou

When I say that I like my music to jam hard, I am usually thinking of mewithoutYou while I say it. If you have never heard of this band before or have simply not heard very much of them, feel free to jam right here. This song was taken from their 2004 album Catch For … Continue reading

Hard Jams: Greetings from Scotland!

Ok so the title of this is mostly a lie, as I am not even remotely close to being in Scotland. However, the jams we will be looking at today are, in fact, from Scotland. Now that that immaculate, genius, and obviously well-thought-out intro is out of the way lets just hit the jams. History … Continue reading

Hard Jams: Brooklyn Indie Essentials

Indie music always seems to come along in waves, or “scenes”. One of the most interesting and rapidly growing scenes in all of indie rock today is in Brooklyn, New York. Over the last 12 years or so, tons of indie bands have been either coming out of this area, or moving to this area. … Continue reading